8 Jan 2021 

Following the announcement of the Québec government our Church is open to limited  faithful attendance.

  1. We must continue to adhere to the government guidelines which authorized us to have liturgies with a maximum number of 10 persons. excluding the essential personnel, consisting of the priest, the sexton and the chanter, and volunteers from the members of the Council, the Philoptochos and the Youth. They are all necessary in order to ensure the normal liturgical proceedings to take place in applying the government guidelines.
  2. Both on Sundays and on the weekdays the Orthros and the liturgy will start at 9 a.m.
  3. The number of persons attending the Holy liturgies, excluding the essential personnel, must be limited to 10.
  4. The number of persons attending the Funeral Services, excluding the essential personnel, must be limited to 25.
  5. These 10 persons will be admitted on a first come first served basis.
  6. As soon as you enter the church you will must sanitize your hands.
  7. Masks must be worn. If you cannot bring your own mask, a volunteer will offer you one.
  8. You must register your name upon your entrance. This is a requirement by the Quebec Health Authorities.
  9. You may obtain your candle at the “pagari” but you will not be offered change. Make sure you have dollar coins so you will not require change.
  10. We urge you not to kiss icons, but if you do, someone will have to sanitize the glass frequently.
  11. There will be a marked signs where you may be able to sit.
  12. After the church attendance capacity is reached, a faithful will be allowed (one person at a time) to enter, light a candle or kandili and exit again.
  13. We kindly ask you to come at the church once every 3 weeks, so that different  parishioners can attend the church service.
  14. We also kindly ask you to remain and pray at the church for few minutes and leave, so that another person can come in to attend and pray too.
  15. Only 3 persons can seat in every second pew, so we may respect the 2 m distance from your neighbor.
  16. Members of the same family may be seating close together, but the next person sitting next to them must keep the distance of 2 m.
  17. When coming for Holy communion you must keep the 2 m distance in the aisles. As there will not be a red cloth available, make sure to open wide your mouth to receive communion without spilling the Holy gifts.
  18. Mnimosyna with kollyva  and with attendance of one or two family members can be held during the Holy Liturgy, with the understanding that only the next of kin may be present, and, provided that they arrive before the number of participants reaches the maximum capacity of 10 persons. Make sure to arrive early before the number of 10 is completed if you want to be present at the mnimosyno. No kollyva may be distributed to parishioners inside the church. You must take the tray of kollyva to your home.
  19. Minmosyna with more than two family members and up to 10 can be held after the Holy Service and after the people inside the church have exited. This type of mnimosyno must be pre-arranged with Father Lambros.
  20. For a mnimosyno  please contact the office to to reserve the day and time and to obtain further information on what is required and applicable fees.
  21. Your offering can be left at the collection basket that will be placed on a table near the “pagari”, so you may place it there either in your entrance or at your departure from the church.
  22. If you like to have a TRSAGION without anybody present at the church, Prepare an envelope with the departed names and bring it to the church including  a minimun $50 fee. You may request a TRISAGION online through PayPal
  23. You must leave the church without delaying your departure at the vestibule as soon as the liturgy is over.
  24. There will be no access to the kitchen or to the hall of the church. In case of an emergency, if anyone must go to the toilet, he/she may ask one of the volunteers to open the door allowing access to the toilet.
  25. If a number of persons remain outside because the maximum capacity of participants in the church has been reached, they may remain in their cars and wait until the admitted to the liturgy parishioners leave the church after the liturgy, at which time they may enter to pray and receive communion if they wish so.
  26. The liturgy will be transmitted live-streamed in our Facebook and it will be heard in the parking lot through our external speakers (Weather permitting).
  27. Wedding and Baptisms Sacraments CAN NOT be conducted till further notice. Funerals will take place with 25 attending family members. Please provide a list with names and phone numbers of the 25 persons that will attend the funeral. Additional persons may enter the church at the end of the funeral service to light a candle and pay their respects. For this to be accomplished at least 5 persons from inside the church must exit the church, so that those outside can be allowed in 2 at a time.
  28. We appeal to your understanding in putting to practice these government guidelines. We hope that these are temporary measures.
  29. If you feel sick, if you have a cough or temperature and if you have been close to person that has been tested and found +ve with COVID19, PLEASE STAY HOME.
  30. We understand that these rules and restrictions are imposed in order to protect everybody from the harmful effects of spreading the coronavirus.
  31. Please be polite to the volunteers and security personnel at the church entrance who’s responsibility is to follow the Health Authorities and Government Guidelines by controlling the allowed number persons inside the Church.
  32. We pray that this may be the last phase of measures and that following this round of precautions we may return to our normal church life and enjoy unreservedly our fellowship and communion in Christ our Saviour, by gathering without fear around the Eucharistic table of His living body, His Holy Church.
  33. We remind you that we are not responsible for anyone contracting COVID-19 infection in our premises.